Advanced Applicators, LLC can sandblast and refinish your concrete or fiberglass swimming pool.  On concrete pools, sandblasting will remove all damaged and loose coatings and will allow a paint type coating, cement based coating or fiberglass coating to be applied.  Fiberglass pools will usually be sandblasted as well to etch the surfaces and to find and remove any loose coatings.  Fiberglass pools can either be painted using a chlorinated rubber paint, a 2 part epoxy paint, or plural component spray coating using  a fiberglass filled resin coating.  If you wish know more about our swimming pool refinishing systems, please call us at 970-669-7305 or fill in our “Request an Estimate” form.

Here’s a photo set of a typical sandblasted and refinished swimming pool using our plural component spray equipment to apply our fiberglass filled resin coating system.

CASE HISTORY – This was a concrete (gunited) swimming pool that was left without proper water treatment for almost a year.  We sandblasted all of the interior “marcite” to remove all algae, loose and damaged marcite coatings and provided a aggressive surface profile which will allow the new coatings to both penetrate well and bond extremely well.  The owner wished to have the longest lasting coatings applied, so using our plural component airless spray equipment, we applied a 3 step fiberglass coating system.  Consisting of a base (primer coat) of penetrating modified polyester resins and 2 top coats of a fiberglass blended polyester resin, this coating system will outlast any cement based coating system and provide a smooth, ultra white finish which is non-reactive to swimming pool water chemistry.

Other finishing materials could have been Marcite (cement & marble aggregate based coating), exposed aggregate (cement & various different combination’s of natural and synthetic aggregates), or simply painted with either a rubber based or epoxy based coating.