Rodger MarjamaFormed in 2004, Advanced Applicators, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of SpeedWing Technologies, Inc.  This may sound impressive, but in truth, we are a father and son who share common interests in most things and have built our businesses around these interests.  Having owned and operated sandblasting and painting businesses since 1973, I have brought up both of my sons (not the 3 daughters however) around my profession.  Having learned from my father this business, my sons too have learned from their dad what it means to be sandblasters.  Both sons have had opportunities to venture into other professions, and both have taken those opportunities to heart.  But, the older son never quit sandblasting, just started another type of business as a sideline back in 2002.  That business is now the founder and owner of Advanced Applicators, LLC.  Bet you wonder what that business is now don’t you?

As I said above, both my son Andy and I have had common interests in most things, and this particular interest I’m talking about is Radio Control Aircraft.  I have been and RC’er since 1964 (off and on) and about 15 years ago I got Andy interested in this hobby when I bought him his first R/C airplane kit.  We build it together and after a bit of a rocky start (crashed it on first take-off due to installing the ailerons controls backwards), Andy learned how to fly very quickly.  He had a natural ability and (as I soon discovered) was very creative — So much so, he was designing,  building and flying his own designs less then a year after his first flight.

Well, as it turned out he was so good a designer, he became very popular on the web with many of his designs being built by many RC’er’s.  He decided (with a little prodding by dad) to produce a kit of his latest design, a small R/C flying wing.  He announced this on a couple of R/C forums and before he put his first kit up for sale, he had about 50 orders.  Well, that was in 2002 and today SpeedWing.NET has sold over 20,000 kits all around the world.

I retired in 2003 from my sandblasting/painting business and moved from Central Florida, to Colorado.  After about a year of retirement, I decided I really needed to get back to work.  So, I started sandblasting again and before long I had a very good little company running.  Deciding to make it a real company, I bought into my son’s SpeedWing business, and we formed Advanced Applicators, LLC under SpeedWing Technologies, Inc.

So, that’s the story for this business.  Both Andy and I are pretty busy these days as we both have to work both companies every day.  Some times this company is so busy, SpeedWing is pretty difficult to keep up with.  Other times, SpeedWings is really busy and Advanced has a hard time keeping up.  But, all in all, they compliment one another quite well because they are so different from eacy other.  Both Andy and myself have alot of fun and we both work hard.  We enjoy all of what it means to be self-employed, and it shows well in what we both do.

Hope you enjoyed reading this little personal note “About Us” and look for more things posted here over time.