We all like to have some fun on the net, so I thought I’d put up a little fun stuff right here in the middle of my business website. I’ll compile a few things here over time, but for now I’ll just put up somethings I have laying around here. I’ve had interests over the years that branch into and out of things I do now for money. Being a creative type of person, I’ve allowed this part of me to show through in many places, and it usually is appreciated. A few years back, I was introduced to a little piece of moving 3D imagery and liked it so well, I built a personal website to show it off. First, since I was playing with 3D design, I did some 3D modeling to it, adding a moving hour glass, shadowing effects, and camera motion. I then choreographed it to a soundtrack of “Hey Macrina” and put it on my little website. This is when the fun begin to happen.

A few weeks after it was up, I got a bill from my IP for something like $3,000.00. I was obviously quite concerned over this and called him immediately. He seemed very amused over this, as he laughed aloud. After he stopped laughing, I was put a ease when he told me that because of my website attracting so much activity, sign-ups for his IP service had nearly doubled. He must have liked this because he offered me all the bandwidth I needed, free of charge, if I would keep my little creation up and working. I did and for a few months had one very active website, getting eventually thousands of hits per day. It was a fun time.

So, here it is.  Hope it is not too played-out to give at least a little enjoyment.  Despite the video’s opening title, it’s absolutely a PG rating.